Monday, September 27, 2010

Too Hot to Live!

It was 120 degrees at my home today. Southern California is a freakin' desert! When did that happen? We had a mild summer topping out at around 100 degrees in August and then this.

What can you do in this kind of heat? Can't use the computer because it heats up. The air conditioning doesn't get all the way into the computer room. The TV is in the bedroom, where the AC doesn't reach at all. We usually put a hose in a tree and sit under it, but it was too hot for that, too. This weekend we ended up laying naked on the bed with wet towels draped over us and a fan turned on us.

It's 7 pm and 95 degrees outside.

I want to live somewhere green and wet where the temperature doesn't go over 90 degrees. Ever.

Is there such a place?

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  1. That's awful! When I lived in upstate New York, three days with temperatures over 90 degrees was called a "heat wave" and everyone panicked about the ill effects of heat, and any heat-related death was posted on the news. Where I live now, 80 days in a row over 90 degrees is called "summer." I haven't heard a single news report about a heat-related death since I moved here.

    I just can't get used to this weather! It saddens me that I won't see snow here.