Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Heroes in romance novels vary widely but they mostly seem to be handsome, physically powerful, intelligent and wealthy.

This must be what most women are attracted to, but I'd be more likely to fall in love with the everyday hero. The kind of guy who stands up to life's challenges without complaint, who has plenty of support to give no matter what he's going through, and isn't afraid to be vulnerable.

My hero doesn't have to be drop-dead gorgeous or have six-pack abs or bulging biceps. He doesn't have to be rich or witty or really even all that smart. My hero is a little off-beat, makes me laugh and is there for me, always.

Okay, maybe I wouldn't turn down a spin with a great-looking guy with six-pack abs and loads of money. Throw in a little angst, smoldering eyes and unruly dark hair and I'm all in, at least for awhile.


  1. I like all kinds of guys. It's the rules he lives by that I find most attractive.