Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Writing vs Publishing

This essay changed my life. Too many inspiring passages to quote. If you want to be a writer and think getting published is the ultimate goal, read this:

Jenny Crusie's essay: A Writer Without A Publisher Is Like A Fish Without a Bicycle: Writer’s Liberation and You

Basically, she made me realize that my goal isn't to be a published author; it's to be a writer. And I already am. Because I write. I've been told that before, but until I read this essay, it didn't really click. All the struggling I've been through trying to write well enough to be published has gone. I feel free now just to write to please myself.

What does that mean? Yes, I still want to be published. Yes, I'm still going to try to get published.

The difference is in how I approach writing. Instead of worrying while I write if it's good enough to be published, I'm only concerned about how it pleases me. I know, it's a subtle difference but it made a meaningful shift in me.

Don't know if the end result will be better or worse. I'll let you know.

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