Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready, Set, WRITE!

I'm ready to write the first draft of my short story/novella.

Why am I so nervous?

I've created two characters I like. I've found a premise and several themes. I've plotted out eight chapters, I know all the actions that have to take place in each. I'm a little vague on the romance parts, the actual falling in love details, but I'm hoping those will come to me as I write or can be edited in in a later draft.

Doesn't sound right does it? Especially since I'm writing a romance novella. Romance should be the main plot and everything else background.

I can't decide if this is a legitimate reason to go back and redo my outline or if it's just my Procrastinator Demon trying to convince me to put off writing again.

No, I'm officially entering the writing stage. I can't believe how scared and excited I feel.

Here I go!

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